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64554 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Olive
  Description : Olive Oil – Product of Organic Cultivation
Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Virgin Olive Oil which comes from the olive groves which are subject to strict rules of organic cultivation. The whole procedure, from cultivation, cold pressing, storage and packing of the olive oil is controlled by specific Standards Organisations by whom the final product is checked. During the cultivation of the olive groves which are under this control, chemical fertilisers are forbidden as well as the use of insect repellents and chemical sprays. This olive oil is accompanied by a chemical analysis which proves the lack of chemical sediment in the final product.
64516 Oils for cooking & dressing Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Other oils for cooking & dressing
61179 Oils for cooking & dressing Ecocert Other oils for cooking & dressing
Description : Organic Prickly Pears Seeds Oil
Organic Jojoba Oil
Organic Nigella Oil
Organic Sweet Apricot Kernel Oil
62951 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Other oils for cooking & dressing
Description : Organic Soy Oil
7169 Oils for cooking & dressing Imo Sesame
  Description : White Sesame seeds
62301 Oils for cooking & dressing Ecocert Olive
Description : Art Huile Carthage is certified by ECOCERT; the inspection and certification body accredited to verify the conformity of organic products against the organic regulations of Europe, Japan and the United States. The ECOCERT mark is one of the leading international organic certification marks, enjoying a good reputation and trusted by both consumers and the organic industry.
We welcome your requirements to serve you the best olive oil available at the most competitive pricing that will leave your customers satisfied for years to come.
61042 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Sesame
Description : This is Imperial Oil, manufacturer and producer of Organic Sesame Oil, extra virgin, with cold presser machine system,
Our product is 100% organic and pure sesame oil, with registered brand which is IMPERIAL .
This is the best oil for frying, cooking and salad, with all unique benefits of sesame seed such as vitamin E , and with natural sesame aroma.
Our quality is certified by Standard Organization and also Health Ministry of Iran.
We can supply 50MT monthly, around 10,000 cartons.
Our packaging is 16 fl oz bottle and 12 bottles in a carton.
FYI, we just produce organic sesame oil, not any other oil.
We collect the input raw material (sesame seeds) from the best organic supplier around the world, such as Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, etc.
We recommend you to test our quality at any laboratory at your country.
The analysis of our sesame oil is attached.

FYI, Our products export by our trading company: Hatam Steel Company.

We are looking for buyer or distributor to could sell our product at USA or Europe market.
62120 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Other oils for cooking & dressing
Description : Organic Olive Oil
Organic Avocado Oil
Organic Flax Oil
Organic Hemp Oil
Organic Sesame Oil
Organic Sunflower Oil
Organic Soybean Oil
19763 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Almond
Description :

We feel immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as the Exporter & reputed Suppliers of Medicinal Herbs , Soapnuts , Shikakai , Amla , Spices , Safflower, Bitter Apricot Kernels , Nux Vomica seeds , Nuts & Kernel , Buckwheat , Flax Seeds, Millet , Quince seeds , Cassia tora seeds , Nigella sativa seeds , Vegetable Oil Seeds , Boswellia serrate gum, Gum myrrh, Commiphora mukul gum, Gums & resins , Curcumin Extract 95% , and other Herb extracts , Essential Oils ETC.

We are Major Exporter & supplier to many Esteemed Organisations engaged in Manufacturing :- Ayurvedic - Herbal & Homeopathic Medicines, Herbal Extracts, Cosmeceuticals , Nutraceuticals, Aroma & Incense Aggarbathies, R & D Laboratories, Supplementary Foods, Healthcare & Food Products & Vetinary medicines.
We also supply these Product to Eco-Shops as well as to environmental friendly departments in Customized packagings.

We are looking for the opportunity to explore our great experiences in the International Market & provide our valuable customers with deep satisfaction.

We reiterate our up most interest to work with your esteemed Organisation & shall be under abligations to fulfill your requirements through exerting maximum efforts & satisfying you in all aspects.

Please visit our website www.herbsnherbalextracts.com for detail Product Catalogues.

We look forward for your prompt & positive response along with some requirements .

70 , First Floor , Gandhi Street , Fatehpuri,
Delhi- 110006 ( INDIA )
Tel: +91-11-23942793, 23964221
Mobile : +91-9891995058 , 9810631790
E-mail: info@herbsnherbalextracts.com
Skype : soapnuts
61522 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Olive
Description : Aceite de oliva organico
61194 Oils for cooking & dressing Ceres Other oils for cooking & dressing
  Description : certified organic oils
61178 Oils for cooking & dressing Ecocert Hazel nut
Description : Hazelnut oil
61177 Oils for cooking & dressing Ecocert Almond
Description : sweet almond oil
61010 Oils for cooking & dressing Ecocert Other oils for cooking & dressing
  Description : We are a Moroccan company specialized in the production and the commercialization of culinary and cosmetic argan oil. We are looking for serious wholesalers, distributors or buyers.

Of exceptional quality, our oil, certified Ecocert (NOP and BRC certifications are being), is obtained by cold pressure from argan almonds carefully selected from organic farming.

Specific in its composition exceptionally rich in oleic, linoleic fatty acids (45%)and antioxidants , argan oil is beneficial and can be used in dietetic, cosmetic and medicinal product.

Apart from argan oil, we can also offer prickly pear oil, cactus oil, cumin oil and sesame oil.

Depending in your choice, our oils can be sold in bulk or conditioned by our own care in our production units.

Observing a strict laboratory charter our production units fully meet international standards in terms of safety.

A complete range of cosmetic based on argan oil including slimming capsules will be available soon.
60833 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Other oils for cooking & dressing
Description : 100% Pure Cold Pressed Organic & Non-Organic Oils for Cooking, Cosmetics, Medicines & Spice Industry.
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