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95946 Cosmetic products Ecocert Body care
  Description : Organic argan oil is offered to cosmetic labs and cosmetic private label formulators as well as importers as one of the most popular cosmetic ingredients for hair and skin care as well as nails and skin stretch marks, blemishes, acne, burns, anti aging, anti wrinkles
95962 Raw materials & supplements Ecocert Raw materials for cosmetics
  Description : Organic argan oil is offered to cosmetic labs and cosmetic private label formulators as well as importers as one of the most popular cosmetic ingredient for hair and skin care.
95971 Dietetic & health foods Ceres Fresh plant extracts
  Description : Moringa Oleifera naturally pure Moringa "Miracle tree" whereby every part of the tree is used for natural health care and well being from the roots,seeds, leaves, bark , for oil, powder seeds, from for the human condition, for animal feed and even for purifying water
95972 Drinks Ceres Plant base drinks (herb teas, concentrates, elixirs)
  Description : Natural Organic Moringa is used for many varieties of teas super drinks, shakes or any type of liquid according to personal; tastes
95973 Drinks Ceres Other drinks
  Description : Moringa Oleifera , "the Miracle Tree"..derivatives have been used for generations as a natural healing food supplement for many human conditions as well as animal feed supplement and for the purification of water
Moringa is widely used in the cosmetics field for hair and skin care as well, shampoos ,lotion, skin creams and serums and nail care Containing all the amino acids and many vitamins , A,B,D, and as many dozens of studies have shown worldwide.
Organic argan oil too is mostly used in the cosmetic laboratories for product formulations for private label cosmetics for hair and skin care as well
95974 Grocery products Other Spreads and pastes
  Description : Natural Organic moringa can be used as spread, or sprinkled on toast or any edible commodity , soups,, pasta, bread sops etc.,
95975 Grocery products Ceres Other grocery products
  Description : Moringa can be used in all forms of foods, salads,soups etc cooking oil, super drinks coolers, teas etc., confections candy, etc just sprinkle it on in powder form or add the oil to whatever.
95976 Medicinal & aromatic plants Ceres Medicinal plants
  Description : Moringa Oleifera the world Miracle tree whereby every part of the tree is useful for traditional, Natural health care even the purification of water. Hundreds of studies have been performed worldwide out lining truly worth while health benefits of Moringa Oleifera not only for humans but as an animal and fowl food supplements as well.
From aiding in diabetes, lower high cholesterol, to blood circulation. Moringa is an anti oxidant and helps in the prevention of infection and diseases Containing all the amino acids, with high levels of A, B C and help reducing overweight and obesity as well as stimulating your libido.
95977 Oils for cooking & dressing Ecocert Other oils for cooking & dressing
  Description : Natural Organic Argan oil for salads, cooking, coos cous,spreads etc
95978 Raw materials & supplements Ecocert Raw materials for cosmetics
  Description : Natural Organic oils and powders for cosmetic lab and private label manufactures
95979 Raw materials & supplements Ecocert Other raw materials & supplements
  Description : Organic cosmetic and private labelformulations in bulk for skin and hair care for shampoos, anti aging, anti wrinkles, skin creams skin irritations and minor burns, acne stretch marks
95980 Seeds Ceres Bulk seeds
  Description : Organic Moringa seeds, in bulk with or without shells
96479 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Aromatic plants
  Description : Supplier of organic herbs for over thirty years
We offer over 350 aromatic and medicinal herbs, spices, teas and essential oils exclusively from organic farming.

For the past thirty years, our company has maintained long lasting relationships, developed solidarity with producers and has now over 500 customers worldwide. We qualify for many certifications (AB, Demeter, ESR Biosolidaire, JAS, Biosuisse) and are able to offer valuable services to our customers, such as various cut sizes, steam sterilization and vacuum packaging.

Please feel free to come and meet us at the heart of the leading French Department in organic farming where we will welcome you openheartedly in our new environment-friendly building filled with positive energy.
95609 Commodities Ecocert Cocoa, chocolate
  Description : feves de cacao bio .
la feves de cacao est le produit essentiel a la fabrication du chocolat.
la demande mondiale de chocolat etant en hausse permanente les principales offres de feves sont issues de l'agricultures intensives avec utilisitions massives d'intrants chimique.
notre cooperative se propose de mettre sur le marche des feves de cacao,cafe cajou bio .nous produisons sans apport d'intrant chimique,avec un accent particulier sur la protection du couvert forestier.

pour les informations complementaires merci de nous contacter au +225 07326218
95611 Milk & dairy products Other Other milk & dairy products
Description : Looking for NOP Certified
Organic Yeast Extract
Organic Butter without salt
Organic Dairy products
Organic Sunflower Oil
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