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75591 Cereals & derived products Other Cereals (wheat, corn, barley, spelt wheat)
Description : We are an international broker based in Italy focused both on the organic raw materials and on organic foods.
Thanks to its sublime market knowledge Bernam enhances the production chain by binding producers and transformers and also creating and/or wideing the distribution channel for organic foods.

We take care of the following certified organic products:
•raw materials (cereals, seeds for squezeeing, cakes, oils)
•fresh products for industrial transformation chain (freezed, freeze-dried production)
•distribution to wholesaler and HORECA (b2b) both in Italy and Europe of organic foods
75464 Cosmetic products Ecocert Body care
Description : Issahra – Organic Argan oil
75463 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Medicinal plants
Description : Taxus Baccata dried leaves (yew)

We will collect Taxus Baccata leaves between June to September 2014.
We suppose to produce 20 to 30 tons of dried leaves.

What we can provide:

-20 to 30 Tons of Taxus Baccata's dried leaves (no trunk, no big branch)
-By three to four times in period of four months. The first part end of June. Last part end of September.
-Dried leaves with a 30-35 percent of moisture.
-The production is crushed before to be dry.
-The production is harvested from the south area of Belgium. And we bulk it before to dry.
-A dried sample can be send before any contract for analyses.
75457 Herbs, spices & condiments Ceres Olives, capers
Description : We are exporter of olive, olive oil(virgin or extra virgin olive oil)
75456 Fruit & vegetables Ceres Fruit or vegetables in vacuum pack
Description : We are exporter of vine leaves in brine.(as your receipt)
75455 Fruit & vegetables Ceres Dried fruit
Description : Our Company is the exporter/producer of organical dried fruit, raisin-sultana.
We can send the raisins in different size of pack or unpacked.
we are proud of being certify by CERES GmbH for our organic raisin.
Our pruduction is 600 tons/year.
75452 Fruit & vegetables Other Other fruit & vegetables
Description : Olive and virgin olive oil/extra virgin olive oil.
75451 Fruit & vegetables Other Fruit or vegetables in vacuum pack
Description : Also we are exporter for vine leaves in brine, stuffed grape leaves and olive.
75450 Fruit & vegetables Other Dried fruit
Description : Our Company is the exporter/producer of organic dried fruit, raisin-sultana.We can deliver 600 tons/year.
without unpacked or packed as you wish.

And we are proud of being certify by Ceres GmbH.
75423 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Essences
Description : Organic Pine Essential Oil.

Hydro distilled Pine Essential Oil (Pinus sylvestris L.) is produced from pine needles.
Uses: inhalations, aromatherapy, antiseptic, air-purification, shampoos and bath gel.
Origin: Northern Europe
ORGANIC - no preservatives.

- antiseptic
- anti-inflammatory
- expectorant
- resistance and immunity enhancer
- spasm inhibitor
- hormonal relief
- central nervous system balancer
- aging inhibitor
- remedy for hair roots and damaged hair

Shelf life: Min. 36 months
Packing: 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, 200 kg.
For retail packing, please contact us.
75418 Cleaning & hygiene in a sustainable way Other Professional cleaning & hygiene
Description : Ecological cleaning solutions for industrial cleaning. No solvents.
For various industries:
Food procession
Heavy traffic areas
75329 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh vegetables
Description : High quality organic avocados
High quality organic tomatoes
High quality organic corn
75328 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
Description : High quality organic bananas
High quality organic pineapples
High quality organic strawberries
High quality organic blueberries
High quality organic peaches
75327 Fruit & vegetables Other Citrus fruits
Description : High quality organic mandarins
High quality organic oranges
High quality organic grapefruit
75274 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh vegetables
Description : P&A Industries Pvt. Ltd. exports fresh organics vegetables from India.
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