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Offer N°CategoryProduct
32609 Fruit & vegetables Dried fruit
  Description : To use as ingredients in muesli
32608 Cereals & derived products Cereals (wheat, corn, barley, spelt wheat)
  Description : To use as base for muesli
32320 Medicinal & aromatic plants Medicinal plants
  Description : Traditional Chinese, Indian and Korean medicinal plants and plant parts: including schizandra, ophiopogonis, ashwagandha, ganoderma lucidum, coix lacryma
32439 Textile other Textile
  Description : babies and childrens bed linen, towels, wraps etc
32438 Textile Fabrics
  Description : cotton wovens and knits, hemp canvas. leather
32382 Fruit & vegetables Frozen fruit or vegetables
  Description : Hello,
I am contacting you from a Canadian company called Naturally Nova Scotia Health Products Ltd. Below you will find the fruits and vegetables we are looking for along with our guidlines. Please let me know if you have any of these products.

Required Criteria:

- EU 2092/91 certified – NOP would be a nice add on but not necessary.

- Traceability – guaranteed if we source directly from the/a farmer.

- Preferably from North America, Central or South America.

- IQF Frozen

- Available Immediately

- We need all documentation delivered ASAP – organic cert, organic control document, and traceability info.

Requested Products:
- IQF frozen Broccoli
- IQF frozen Cabbage
- IQF frozen Orange
- IQF frozen Carrot
- IQF frozen Apple

Kind Regards
32321 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other medicinal & aromatic plants
  Description : Cistanches, ginko seed, codonopsis
32319 Medicinal & aromatic plants Aromatic plants
  Description : Ginger, turmeric, licorice
32020 Cleaning & hygiene in a sustainable way Professional cleaning & hygiene
  Description : Estamos buscando productos organicos que sustituyan a los productos de limpieza traicionales, tales como desinfectantes, detergentes, cloro, y otros de similar naturaleza que se necesiten en la limpieza de casas en condominios
31963 Textile Fabrics
  Description : Looking for organic leather or suede
31751 Cereals & derived products Bulgur
  Description : We are an organic food producer, packer and distributor. We have over 120 organic products on our product line. Please visit our web
31593 Textile Fabrics
  Description : Organic Jersey Fabric
31594 Textile Fabrics
  Description : organic fabrics
31740 Textile other Textile
  Description : 100% organic
31739 Textile Fabrics
  Description : 100% organic from the United States
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