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Offer N°CategoryProduct
34726 Cereals & derived products Rice, buck wheat, oats, rye, various
  Description : rice
34725 Cereals & derived products Oilseeds (rape, sunflower, soy, sesame, peas, bean
  Description : seeds
34723 Cereals & derived products Cereals (wheat, corn, barley, spelt wheat)
  Description : flour, rice
34333 Fruit & vegetables Exotic fruit and vegetables
  Description : We are looking for certified organic food products. In particular dried products – ginger, banana, mango, orange, orange peel, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, vanilla, strawberry, peach and few other berries.
34453 Fruit & vegetables Fresh vegetables
  Description : Fresling new potatoes
34368 Products for organic farming Fertilizers
  Description : biofertilizers
34104 Textile other Textile
  Description : We research, invent, design, develop, manufacture, market and deliver various collections of premium pillows and sleep sets for the person who appreciates the benefits of sleeping comfort and a peaceful rest.

pillow cases, covers, mattress covers, pillow fills, cotton, soybean, corn
34146 Dietetic & health foods Other dietetic & health foods
  Description : Organic health food
34147 Grocery products Baby foods
  Description : Organic soy powder
34132 Raw materials & supplements Raw materials for cosmetics
  Description : requires Organic glycerine
34103 Textile Fabrics
  Description : pillow cases, covers, mattress covers, pillow fills, cotton, soybean, corn
33982 Oils for cooking & dressing Sunflower
  Description : High oleic organic sunflower oil refined
disponibility tn.25
33973 Textile Fabrics
  Description : Organic Cotton, Organic Linen, Hemp, Bamboo, Soy Bean fabric, Milk Fabric, Pu leather, Fake Fur, Organic Cotton Corduroys, Organic Cotton Velevt, Organic Cotton Velour, Organic Cotton Denim, Cotton Bamboo Denim
27819 Fruit & vegetables Other fruit & vegetables
  Description : We are a producer of all sorts of fruitjuices, concentrates and purees and vegetable juices, concentrates and purees and products out of grasses/herbages. That\'s why we are looking for all kinds of vegetables and fruits for industrial production.
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33880 Textile Fabrics
  Description : We are looking for organic cotton. We need very soft fabrics, cotton organic certified (Eko, Skal...), the most interesting fabric for the product we want to make would be velvet (velours), minimum 270g/m2.

We need information about the fabrics color, the dyeing will not necessarily be natural but has to be made according to the organic labels standards (no heavy metal). We are looking for bright colors : red, blue, yellow, green, pink.. Also beige, ecru, white, or other pastel colors.

We want to get some samples.

Information on minimum requirements (quantity) as for the fabrics.
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