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Offer N°
Grocery products
Description : boite ou sachet
Grocery products
Muesli, flakes
Description : boite carton
Grocery products
Bouillon cubes, sauces
Description : cubes légumes, miso...
Coffee & substitutes
Description : sachets 250 g
Cocoa, chocolate
Description : boite carton 500 g ou 250 g
Grocery products
Baby foods
Description : petits pots, plats préparés
Cereals & derived products
Rice, buck wheat, oats, rye, various
Description : sachets 500 g ou kg
Cereals & derived products
Oilseeds (rape, sunflower, soy, sesame, peas, bean
Description : sachets 500 g ou kg
Cereals & derived products
Cereals (wheat, corn, barley, spelt wheat)
Description : sachets 500 g ou kg
Cereals & derived products
Description : sachet 500g ou kg
Non-alcoholic beverages (water, fruit, vegetable juice)
Description : briques carton
Plant base drinks (herb teas, concentrates, elixirs)
Description : tisanes en sachets
Dietetic & health foods
Fruit juice in ampoules
Description : produits bio certifiés
Oils for cooking & dressing
Hazel nut
Description : Produits bio certifiés
Fruit & vegetables
Dried vegetables
Description : Produits bio en vrac certifiés
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