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40481 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Frozen fruit or vegetables
  Description : We mainly manufacture and distribute organic wild blueberry and lingonberry IQF and juice concentrate products. The products have obtained the organic certificate (EU NOP JAS) from ECOCERT.

In the meanwhile, we also manufacture various conventional berry products, such as, raspberry, blackcurrant, blue honeysuckle, blackberry etc..
47225 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Dried fruit
Description : Banana
9264 Fruit & vegetables Soil Association Certification Ltd Other fruit & vegetables
  Description : Food ingredients for industrial purposes, wide range
40404 Fruit & vegetables Control Union Exotic fruit and vegetables
  Description : We practice organic farming at Sardar Patel Farm located on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The whole farm is certified by SKAL International (Netherlands) presently CU as per USDA-NOP, EU, and NSOP, Govt. of INDIA norms.
We have a huge range of certified organic products and deal in bulk trading of certified organic (Cotton/ Spices / Condiments / Herbs and Honey.)

We also process certified organic fruits grown on the farm into ready to use powders by spray drying method (at the moment only Sapota <Manilkara acharas>, Aonla <Emblica officinalis> and Lime for marketing highly hygroscopic powders to be used for:-

Sapota: Milkshakes, Icecreams and Puddings etc.

Aonla: As a daily health tonic, rich in antioxidants which in turn increases the body resistance thus keeps diseases away. There is unavaibility of fresh Amlas whole round the year. So its a good alternative as the powder can be used for whole round the year and reap the benefits of Amla as this fruit has been given the highest importance in Ayurveda due to its immence health properties.

Lime: Juice, Yoghurt, Sponge cakes, Tarts, Cheesecakes and other bakery preparations. Highly suitable for Lime Cordial.

Wide range of Ready To Use Spray / Freeze dried fruit and vegetable powders other than the mentioned above can also made as per the client requirement.This powders are 100% natural without any chemical preservatives, colours and artificial flavours.
46477 Fruit & vegetables Control Union Dried fruit
  Description : We practice organic farming at Sardar Patel Farm located on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The whole farm is certified by SKAL International (Netherlands) presently CU as per USDA-NOP, EU, and NSOP, Govt. of INDIA norms.
32297 Fruit & vegetables Control Union Other fruit & vegetables
  Description : we are working very closely with farmers in Rajasthan, haryana, punjab, Himachal Pradesh and other staes in India, who have been initiated into organic farming by Goverment agencies and NGO's to wean them away from chemical fertilizer based farming to save the soil and enviroment. There are those who meet the mandatory certification parameters of the various certification agencies and who have been certified by the Indian Organic Standards NPOP, US Organic Standards and European Union Organic Standards and certied by agencies like Indian Organic Certification Agency, Onecert Asia Agri certification, a susidiary of Onecert USA, and on the list of USDA certification agencies, SGS, SKAL etc..There are many other organic farmers who have travelled down the organic path and in the process of being certified. We are in close touch with organic farming communities.

Our Certified Organic product portfolio includes:

Winter Crops: carrot, cauliflower, drumstick, Garlic(green & bulb), Fenugreek leaf(methi), Onion (green & bulb),Spinach(palak), peas, potato, Radish, Mustard leaf(Sarson), Tomatoes
Summer Crop: Bottle Gourd (lauki), Brinjal or eggplant,, Okra(Bhindi),Green chillies,, curry leaf,Cucumber,Mint leaf,Parwal
Fruits: Banana, Apples,Guava, lemon, sweet lime, Mango, Musk melon, orange, papaya,, peach,Pears, Pineapple, Plums, Pomegranate, water Melon.
Herbs: Celery, lemon Grass, Parsley, Sage, Thyme.
Wild Honey
Processed Food Products: Green Dehydrated Peas, Dry Peas, Onion Dehydrated Flakes,porridge,fibre biscuits, whole wheat flour,
46521 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
  Description : Certified organic tomatoes
46525 Fruit & vegetables Control Union Fresh vegetables
  Description : certified organic potatoes
46527 Fruit & vegetables Control Union Fresh vegetables
  Description : all kind of certified organic fresh vegetables
46529 Fruit & vegetables Control Union Dehydrated fruit or vegetables
  Description : NOP and certified organic wheatgrass powder
21177 Fruit & vegetables Imo Exotic fruit and vegetables
  Description : organic Cayenne pine apple
21178 Fruit & vegetables Imo Exotic fruit and vegetables
  Description : BioUganda Ltd based in Uganda East Africa has Organic Certified Cayenne and Queen Victoria Pineapples,Hybrid Purpple Passion fruits, Apple Bananas. We are certified by IMO following regulation EEC 2092/91 and Naturland Standards. Our pineapples are produced naturally and traditionally by smallholder poor rural farmers without any flower induction and chemicals to degreen them. They are harvested "ripe and ready to eat". We offer to sell 3000kg on weekly basis. All our fruits are airlifted.By buying the fruits, you help poor farmers absorbed in absolute poverty for a better livelihood.
46494 Fruit & vegetables Imo Fresh fruit
  Description : organic hybrid purple passion fruits FROM Uganda
46495 Fruit & vegetables Imo Exotic fruit and vegetables
  Description : organic apple bananas
origin : Uganda
47110 Fruit & vegetables Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association Fresh fruit
Description : Israeli partnership growing organic biodynamic pineapple in Thailand certified Jas and Control Union.
1 carton = 6-7 fruits each 1.3 to 1.5 kg
CIF price 850 Euro per ton
Constant supply of 1 container per week through the year
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