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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
82692 Fruit & vegetables Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Dried fruit
Description : Organic Pistachio, Walnut, Raisin and Dates
82652 Fruit & vegetables Bio Inspecta Ag Fresh fruit
Description : Pomegranate, In it's country of origin, where the plant has been the symbol of prosperity and fertility, it's the fruit with the roots on earth and benefits to the heaven.
82650 Fruit & vegetables Other Dehydrated fruit or vegetables
Description : Pistachios, Organic pistachio, a great taste of wild collection. Premium wild collection and organically certified Pistachios, in raw or roasted, the choice is yours,
we can make it happen for your customers or your family
82643 Fruit & vegetables Instituto Biodinamico Fruits purees
Description : Citrus and tropical fruits purees
82642 Fruit & vegetables Instituto Biodinamico Frozen fruit or vegetables
Description : Frozen organic papayas, oranges and limes
82641 Fruit & vegetables Instituto Biodinamico Fresh fruit
Description : Organic Papayas
82640 Fruit & vegetables Instituto Biodinamico Citrus fruits
Description : Organic oranges and limes
82631 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh vegetables
69919 Fruit & vegetables Imo Dried fruit
Description : Organic Raisins - Premium, yum yum !
Golden Brown
82416 Fruit & vegetables Other Dried fruit
Description : Agrijnah Enterprises Ltd is a private limited Company in Uganda which dries organic fruits such as Apple Bananas, Mangoes, Pineapples and Jackfruit using Solar. It can be used as a snack or ingredient for cakes, breads and pastries. They are also rich in fibre and Fat free.
82302 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
Description : We produce and sell biological grapes (uva italia)
We provide to pack according to your request the fruit.
We offer certified fruit organic table grapes, and peaches.
82310 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
Description : Mango peruano de la selva
82283 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh vegetables
Description : Capsicum , pepper cultivated in Ghana
82261 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh vegetables
Description : Fresh vegetables 100% organic certified shipped by airfreight
82229 Fruit & vegetables Other Citrus fruits
Description : We are selling organic vegetables and Fruits
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