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78090 Drinks Comité De Agricultura Ecológica De La Comunidad Valenciana Alcoholic beverages (aperitifs, beer, cider, champagne)
  Description : Tarongino es Único como Tú

Con un proceso similar al de los vinos de uva, en donde hemos sustituido el mosto de uva por el Zumo de Naranja.

Se trata de una bebida de fermentación natural del zumo de la naranja
Grado alcohólico 7%
78071 Cosmetic products Lacon Gmbh Body care
  Description : Natural Black soap, Dudu Osun is the most popular product of all African traditional beauty natural products. It contains palm kernel oil (in the traditional manner made??) and valuable ash of cocoa pods and dried palm parts. The ingredients are shea butter, aloe vera, citrus extract, african sandalwood and glycerine. The deep cleansing action of the rich lather is unbeatable compared to all modern soaps. Can be used Dudu Osun as soap, facial mask, peeling, and even as a shampoo or shaving cream. The soap is free of chemical or synthetic additives.
78072 Cosmetic products Lacon Gmbh other Cosmetic products
  Description : Relaxing, having time for yourself, grooming and pampering .... with the new Tanamera products a very special treat. They are based on traditional Asian recipes of herbs, plant extracts and special colloidal minerals.

TANAMERA is Malaysian and means "Red Earth". An appropriate name for a range of care products from plant materials that are grown in the fertile soil of the rainforest. TANAMERA combines the knowledge of effective traditional cures Asian plants with modern production techniques. TANAMERAs of respect for people and the environment embossed company philosophy dictates the avoidance of chemical dyes and fragrances and preservatives as well as an environmentally friendly and lovingly designed packaging of TANAMERA products for home and travel.
78400 Products for organic farming Other Seeds
Description : Organic Turmeric Rhizomes
Well boiled and dried under sunlight, organic rhizomes
Minimum length of rhizomes 1.5cm & max 8cm
Excellent fragrance
Excellent in taste
May be used as herb inn medicines, spice in vegetables or as an ingredient in pickles after grinding
78322 Herbs, spices & condiments Other Spices, peppers
Description : We can supply any spices, herbs, coconut and its products, or any other products from India both organic and non organic. please contct for your requirements of products from India.
78321 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Other medicinal & aromatic plants
Description : Jamaica
78318 Fruit & vegetables Other Dried fruit
Description : Membrillo, Chabacano
78317 Herbs, spices & condiments Other Other herbs, spices & condiments
Description : Chile
78316 Herbs, spices & condiments Other Spices, peppers
Description : pimienta, Oregano etc.
78315 Commodities Other Tea
Description : Te variedades
78314 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Walnut
Description : Pecan nuts
78312 Products for organic farming Other Fertilizers
Description : Je suis fabriquant d'un nouveau engrais organique (procédé breveté)à base de plumes non hydrolysées et stérilisées, aucun risque sanitaire.Procédé mécanique , rien de chimique,qui permet d'obtenir un fertilisant riche en azote (11-3-2)agréé Ecocert.Je suis en phase de lancement et je recherche des distributeurs.
78307 Meat & sausages etc,,, Other Other meat, sausages etc
Description : Wild harvest meats, Non farm raised. Venison, Elk, rabbit, water fowl.
78306 Meat & sausages etc,,, Other Beef, mutton, lamb, pork
Description : Grass fed and pre certified organic beef, mutton and pork products. Steriod, antibiotics and growth hormone free.
78305 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Other medicinal & aromatic plants
Description : Bio Medicinal and aromatic plants producer
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