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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
27106 Cereals & derived products Other Oilseeds (rape, sunflower, soy, sesame, peas, bean
Description : all kind
27115 Drinks Ecocert Alcoholic beverages (aperitifs, beer, cider, champagne)
Description : producteur de vins de cépages merlot et cabernet sauvignon, en rouge et rosé. Vinification traditionelle.
26375 Fruit & vegetables Other Frozen fruit or vegetables
Description : IQF berries
27109 Medicinal & aromatic plants Qualite France Medicinal plants
Description : all kind
27108 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Aromatic plants
Description : all kind
27107 Cereals & derived products Ecocert Rice, buck wheat, oats, rye, various
Description : all kind
27105 Cereals & derived products Qualite France Flour
Description : excellent organic flour
27104 Cereals & derived products Ecocert Cereals (wheat, corn, barley, spelt wheat)
Description : all kind of cereals produced on Région Poitou-Charentes, ouest part of France between NANTES and BORDEAUX, wheat,
27103 Drinks Ecocert Non-alcoholic beverages (water, fruit, vegetable juice)
27102 Drinks Ecocert Alcoholic beverages (aperitifs, beer, cider, champagne)
Description : Organic COGNAC (AOC), PINEAU des CHARENTES ( AOC special aperitif mixture of young Cognac and Grape juice), VIN de PAYS CHARENTAIS (red, rosé, white), COCKTAIL (special fruity one, based on cognac), SPARKLING GRAPE JUICE,
27101 Drinks Qualite France Plant base drinks (herb teas, concentrates, elixirs)
Description : aromatised wines, with basilica, salvia, or lavander
all kind of aromatic and medicinal plants
27094 Herbs, spices & condiments Other Spices, peppers
Description : Engaged in activity of Production of Oragnic Turmeric,certfied by INCOCERT.
27093 Fruit & vegetables Other Citrus fruits
Description : Engaged in activity of Production of Oragnic Guavas,certfied by INCOCERT.
27062 Medicinal & aromatic plants Krav Other medicinal & aromatic plants
Description : raw material of growing wild herbs, berries and mushrooms
26833 Dietetic & health foods Ecocert Energy biscuit bars
Description : - Energy Bars(Certified Organic) from Canada.
- 7 Flavors: Almond, Almond&Carob, Blueberry, Cranberry, Fig, Apricot, Peanut butter&Carob.
- EQUIBAR is good for diabetic life style.
- The energy obtained from our Organic bar comes from: -Freezed-dried wheatgrass,-Red elm barkpowder,
-Complex carbohydrates.
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