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28718 Oils for cooking & dressing Consejo Catalán De La Producción Agraria Ecológica Almond
Description : Distinguido Srs,
Tenemos 14000 Kg de Patatas ecologica variedad KENEBECK en sacos de 25 Kg ( diametro entre 40 y 60) , 8000 Kg de Patatas Ecologicas variedad Agria en sacos de 25 kg ( diametro entre 40 y 60).

Adémas tenemos 2500 kg de patatas de diametro de 17-35 , en sacos de 25 kg, Variedad Kenebeck y Agria.

Entregua immediata. Forma de Pago L/C. Precios a negociar. Cosecha Septiembre 2006.

Dear Mr/Mrs,
We have 14000 Kg of Organic Potatos KENEBECK type in Bags of 25 Kg ( diameter between 40 and 60) , 8000 Kg de Organic Potatos AGRIA Type in Bags of 25 Kg ( diameter between 40 and 60).
We Have also 2500 kg of baby potatoes which diameter is between de 17-35 , in bags of 25 kg, KENEBECK & AGRIA Types.

Delivry: Immediately. Paiment:: 100% L/C. Septiembre 2006.

Best Regards
Esther Sanahuja Redondo
28708 Textile Control Union Clothes
Description : We are offering a range of 100% organic cotton and fair trade garments (tee shirts, shirts, sweat shirts, trousers).
9138 Raw materials & supplements Other Vanilla
Description : We would like to offer Supercritical fluid extraction of all herbs,spice etc.
28471 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Fresh fruit
Description : organic dates
28472 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Fresh vegetables
Description : Fresh Vegetables,
28435 Drinks Other Plant base drinks (herb teas, concentrates, elixirs)
Description : Our products are Biodynamic, Organic and Fairtrade - Naturally

Our signature, award-winning black tea from
the Makaibari Estate in Darjeeling, India. A light, afternoon tea with muscatel and fruit tones.

Delicate and fresh tasting, our biodynamic green tea is valued for its detoxifying and antioxidant properties. Its unfermented leaves are only lightly steamed before being dried.

Produced in the traditional Pai mu Tan style our white tea is deliciously sweet with a light silvery liquor. Known for its anti ageing benefits, white tea is full of antioxidants.

A zesty, edgy, invigorating infusion with a delicious kick. Ginger, a natural stimulant, is used extensively in traditional Ayurvedic remedies. Here, it combines with lemon to warm and enliven your spirits.
Naturally caffeine free
28433 Seeds Other Bulk seeds
Description : We are cultivating the Jatropha curcus plants for seed production. We can give the seeds in bulk quantity
28432 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh vegetables
Description : We have been cultivating the vegatables plant in our own farm for past ten yeras. We are using our own make organic manure.
28431 Cereals & derived products Other Rice, buck wheat, oats, rye, various
Description : We have been growing the paddy plant in our own farm for past ten yeras. We are using our own make organic manure. We got the certification from M.S.Swaminathan reserach Foundation, run by famous agriculture Scientist Dr.M.S.Swaminathan.
28428 Herbs, spices & condiments Other Spices, peppers
Description : At the moment we can offer 12 Mts of fresh ginger and other ground spices and also processed spices from India. All our products are certified by SKAL Netherlands.
28412 Medicinal & aromatic plants Socert Portugal - Certificação Ecológica, Lda Essences
Description : Essential oils of organic aromatic plants:

Cistus ladanifer;
Lavandula stoechas;
Rosmarinus officinalis;
Eucalyptus globulus

We cultivate our plants;
We produce our essential oils.
28410 Drinks Nasaa Alcoholic beverages (aperitifs, beer, cider, champagne)
Description : Premium Organic Wine from Ferguson Valley in the southwest of Western Australia
28406 Cosmetic products Other Body care
Description : Worlds Best Lip Balm
28396 Oils for cooking & dressing Ecocert Olive
Description : We sell Organic extra virgin olive oil, certified ECOCERT/NOP

We supply the biggest European manufacturers of ORGANIC olive oil in almost each kind of packaging from Tunisia including SPAIN and ITALY.
We follow and we feel the movements of the market, specially “the Organic market” which is our speciality.
We select the best qualities and the best period to purchase through the best “MOULINS” (Factory).
We are able to supply your own private brand or ours, but also in BULK (flexi tanks)
The range of packaging is glass bottles or Pet bottles, or tins of one American Gallon, 3 liters or 5 liters.
28209 Textile Other other Textile
Description : We want to act as agents in contract farming for Importers in the area of medicinal plants and all other raw material and want to act as sourcing agents for Organic textiles from India.
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