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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
35511 Dietetic & health foods Elintarvikevirasto (national Food Agency) Food supplements
Description : 1. bilberry, Lingonberry, cranberry powder
2. bilberry extarct
35508 Grocery products Elintarvikevirasto (national Food Agency) Other grocery products
Description : Arctic Superberries jams
Organic Sea Buckthorn Sugar Free Jams
Organic Wild Bilberry Sugar Free Jams
Organic Cloudberry Sugar Free Jams
Organic Mountain Cranberry Sugar Free Jams
Organic Tarya's berry Sugar free jams ( mixed of Strawberry, Rasperry and Bilberry)
Organic Cranberry Sugar Free Jams
35514 Herbs, spices & condiments Other Other herbs, spices & condiments
Description : 1. Bilberry leaves
2. Black currant leaves
35513 Herbs, spices & condiments Elintarvikevirasto (national Food Agency) Cooked (mustard and pickles)
Description : 1.Organic ketchup
2.Organic Mustard
3.Organic Mayonnaise
35512 Fruit & vegetables Elintarvikevirasto (national Food Agency) Dried fruit
Description : Our products are : Bilberry, Lingonberry, Cranberry as:

1. Dried
2. Sweet Dried, sugar infused
3. Sweet dried, grape infused
4.100% powder
5. spray dried 45%
45440 Textile Nasaa Clothes
Description : A variety of pure 100% organic clothing, linen, towels, ect.
45437 Raw materials & supplements Ecocert Vanilla
Description : Vanille Gourmet et vanille d\'Extraction
10 Tonnes
Non Fendues Noir
Expédition et facturation directement par le fournisseur
45338 Textile Control Union other Textile
Description : Bedding, Blankets
We are in the application process for Organic Certificate ( GOTS and OE 1000 ) from Control Union.
45347 Fruit & vegetables Other Other fruit & vegetables
45321 Textile Other Clothes
Description : We are a trading company in China, specializing in exporting organic linen, hemp and wool fabrics.
45279 Commodities Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Tea
Description : I wanted to give details of our highest quality BCS-EU-USDA Certified LYCOS Organic Herbal Teas and Black Teas in 20 teabag boxes and bigger size 48 teapot boxes. Since We are experienced with organic and conventional dried fruit sector in Turkey, LYCOS is another extreme solid brand of organic tea segment of us. We have also capacity to do Private Label and details may be discussed individually.

We are expanding to globally so I am looking for partners to gain market recognition of our quality products, I am familiar dynamics of Organic Retail Market in Europe, US and Canada. Please get these offer and belowed info and return to us with specific details of your demands.


Organik Sage (Salvia Triloba) 20 teabags
net Wt.24 gr. 2,05 $

Organic Thyme (Oreganum Vulgare) 20 teabags
net Wt.24 gr. 2,05 $

Organic Nettle 20 teabags
net Wt.30 gr.2,15 $

Organic Chamomile 20 teabags
net Wt.30 gr. 2,15 $

Organic Fennel 20 teabags
net Wt.30 gr. 2,15 $

Organic Rosemary 20 teabags
net Wt.30 gr. 2,05 $

Organic Slim (Mixed Herbal Tea) 20 teabags
net Wt.30 gr. 2,15 $

Organic Black Tea 20 teabags
net Wt.40 gr. 2,20 $

Organic Earl Grey (Bergamot Flavoured) 20 teabags
net Wt.40 gr. 2,20 $

Organic Black Tea - Teapot 48 teabags
net Wt.144 gr.3,50 $

Organic Earl Grey(Bergamot Flav.)–Teapot 48 teabags
net Wt.144 gr3,50 $

PAYMENT : Irrevocable and confirmed L/C at sight
45337 Textile Other Clothes
Description : Baby Clothes
45326 Delicatessen products Associazione Italiana Per L'agricoltura Biologica Other delicatessen products
Description : Single servings of a variety of specialty dishes of the Italian tradition.
45325 Delicatessen products Associazione Italiana Per L'agricoltura Biologica Fresh pasta, ravioli
Description : Single servings of a variety of specialty dishes of the Italian tradition.
45253 Seeds Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Bulk seeds
Description : 95. Organic snow white pumpkin seeds and kernels. Seeds should be 10mm, 10.5mm, 11mm, 11.5mm, 12mm above. Kernels should be grade AA and A.
96. Organic pumpkin seed Grown without shell, grade should be AA and A.
97. Organic shine pumpkin seed and kernels. Same as snow white.
98. Organic sunflower seeds and kernels, kernels should be Confectionary grade and Bakery grade.
99. Organic sesame seeds,.
100. Organic flax seeds.
101. Organic rolled oats.
102. Oganic canned organic garlic and ginger.
103. Organic instant noodles with spices.
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