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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
46524 Herbs, spices & condiments Control Union Spices, peppers
Description : Certified organic cumin
46525 Fruit & vegetables Control Union Fresh vegetables
  Description : certified organic potatoes
46526 Herbs, spices & condiments Control Union Spices, peppers
  Description : Certified organic turmeric from India
46527 Fruit & vegetables Control Union Fresh vegetables
  Description : all kind of certified organic fresh vegetables
46528 Herbs, spices & condiments Control Union Other herbs, spices & condiments
Description : Indian certified organic herbs and spices
(NOP too)
46529 Fruit & vegetables Control Union Dehydrated fruit or vegetables
  Description : NOP and certified organic wheatgrass powder
46530 Herbs, spices & condiments Control Union Spices, peppers
  Description : certified organic and NOP okra
21095 Cosmetic products Ofc Body care
  Description : The Jasmine Skincare Range of 100% Natural and Certified Organic Skincare and Cosmetics from Australia is a complete range of skincare and lipstick products developed specifically for the 21st Century. It surpasses the boundaries of traditional thinking in skincare by replacing harmful chemicals with precious natural organic ingredients. The results are exhilarating with this ‘pure natural beauty’ approach; your feeling of luxury will be taken to new heights. We guarantee that Jasmin Skincare contains No synthetics, artificial colouring, artificial fragrances or petro-chemicals. In fact, Jasmin Skincare products are so natural with unparalleled quality that one country we export to classifies them as a food product !
At last you can confidently use a natural skincare range that is not only safe, but will thrill you with dramatically smoother and younger looking skin.
You know that you want the purest gifts that nature can offer. Manufactured in our own certified organic state of the art manufacturing facilities at Mt. Tamborine, in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland.
Awaken your senses and complexion with the use of our finest quality natural ingredients.
Indulge your face and body with the vital nutrients of the unique Jasmin skincare range.
Reward yourself with the exquisite and uplifting fragrances and luxurious textures.
Your natural beauty deserves nothing less than the Jasmin’s 100% natural and certified organic skincare range which leaves you feeling beautiful, sensual and safe.
21098 Cosmetic products Other other Cosmetic products
Description : organic cosmetic products
26745 Cosmetic products Bfa Body care
  Description : miessence range of certified organic skincare, also oral, hair and body products plus inliven probiotics
26746 Cosmetic products Bfa Make up
  Description : lip balm
26747 Cosmetic products Other other Cosmetic products
  Description : lipstick and make-up etc
37924 Products for organic farming Control Union Fertilizers
  Description : HERMES Agri-Company Ltd produces organic fertilizers with growth regulating qualities based on vermicompost. Vermicompost is a biohumus delivered by processing of manure by Californian Red worm.
Hermes Agri-Company Ltd products are certified according to the standards of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and are regularly controlled by Control Union Certifications. All products have undergone Ukrainian state legal tests and are approved by the Chemicals Security Department of Ministry for environmental protection of Ukraine. Trade marks are patented.
The natural complex of immune-stimulating, cryo-protective and radio-protective qualities is involved in our products. They have been tested at different agricultural cultures both under normal and stress conditions.
The researches proved the increase of productivity and agricultural products quality. The Company has mastered and patented the technology of production of a liquid organic fertilizer \"Humisol\" as well as other fertilizers.
36244 Oils for cooking & dressing Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae) Olive
  Description : El Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Ecológico Dollium está elaborado con un coupage seleccionado de las mejores aceitunas recogidas en el olivar ecológico de Cortijo Ángulo 1780.
Este cultivo con certificación CAAE, cumple todos los requisitos de la práctica ecológica que elimina el uso de cualquier tipo de químicos, pesticidas, herbicidas o fertilizantes, consiguiendo el desarrollo de las plantas sin ningún tipo de contaminación.
Dollium es un zumo totalmente natural, que se obtiene por un exclusivo proceso de extracción en frío, a una temperatura controlada de 18º C, y se envasa sin filtrar para mantener intactas todas las propiedades de la aceituna como en el momento de la cosecha.
Dollium tiene un gran cuerpo cierto sabor a manzana verde y un aroma con recuerdo a hierba verde recién cortada. Frutado y fresco es ideal para consumir en frio, acompañando ensaladas o cualquier otro alimento.
46496 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Olive
  Description : extra virgin oils
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