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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
59575 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Other fruit & vegetables
Description : champignon ou mushrooms : chantrelle ou girolle, trompette, morille et cèpe
59555 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Other fruit & vegetables
Description : chanterelles \"girolles\" fraiche
59531 Delicatessen products Dio Certification And Inspection Organisation For Biological Production Methods Pizzas, pies
Description : Traditional Organic Pies from Greece with handmade pastry ... ready to cook in the oven !
The company \"PAMFOROS GAIA - PSARADELLI” familiar to all of us for its delicious Organic pastry Pies will be presenting this year its new line of pies
in new packaging with an innovative design, giving
emphasis to health and the environment !
The new product line is called \"Fertile Land\" and is true to the excellence and quality known to PAMFOROS.
Made with the purest of organic products and using extra fine organic virgin olive oil,
they are served in 1100gr pans,
cut in 16 pieces and are ready to cook in the oven.
The organic pies are certified by “DIO” and include
the following four traditional recipes:
·Classic FETA Cheese pie ,
·Spinach and Feta Cheese pie ,
·Spinach and leek Pie
·Spinach Pie with corn flour GLUTEN FREE & LACTOSE FREE.
Soon to follow will be the familiar Organic handmade Pastry also in its new packaging:
·Classic handmade organic pastry for pies
·Organic handmade pastry with pure extra virgin olive oil
·Organic pastry with DINKEL flour handmade
You will find them in organic stores throughout the country.
Athens Greece
59529 Products for organic farming Other Fertilizers
Description : BIOCYTE NUTRI+
Biocyte Agro Research Cente, with its manufacturing facility at Kanjikode,Palakkad,India now manufactures Biocyte Nutri+, an improved organic manure, suitable for all crops. Biocyte also manufactures Biofertilizers and Biocontrol agents. Biocyte Nutri+ contains the following ingredients. It is mixed in certain ratio under strict supervision in controlled conditions. The raw materials in-corporated in Nutri+ are the best quality available in the market.


1. Bio-Compost : This is the compost prepared from Sugar cane waste, after the sugar is manufactured. The crushed sugar cane waste is composted using certain fungus, water and a concentration of microbial cultures to boost up the composting process. Bio-compost forms the major ingredient.
2. Neem Cake : High quality crushed neem cake is used as another major ingredient in Nutri+.
3. Castor cake : High quality crushed Castor cake is used as another ingredient in Nutri+. Castor is higly rich in Phosphorous.
4. Fish meal : This is processed Organic manure, containing fish waste and Shrimp waste. Its is highly nutritious.
5. Biofertilizers : In addition to all the above organic ingredients, we also incorporate a small concentration of Biofertilizers like Azospirillum and Phosphobacteria for added advantage and better nutrition. (Regional strains can also be incorporated)
6. Born Meal:

Excellent medium for plant growth
High moisture retention
Improves physical & biological condition of soil
Improves aeration
Reduces frequency of irrigation
Enhances strong and healthy root system

Contains natural enzymes and plant nutrients
Stimulates the production of phytohormones.

Composition Biocyte Nutri+

Nitrogen 1.45%
Phosphorous 1.09%
Potassium 1.12%
Organic carbon 15.88
Lignin 4%
Cellulose 12.6%
Calcium 0.50%
Magnesium 0.65%
Iron (ppm) 0.15
Manganese (ppm) 25.0
Zinc (ppm) 15.80
Copper (ppm) 6.20
Moisture content 30 – 35%
pH 7.98
8867 Fruit & vegetables Ceres Frozen fruit or vegetables
Description : IQF Black Currant- Grade A
59433 Cleaning & hygiene in a sustainable way Other Consumer cleaning & hygiene
Description : Productos ecológicos de limpieza doméstica elaborados por empresas certificadas.
59425 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Exotic fruit and vegetables

Known as superfruit, the acai is extremely rich in antioxidants because of its high levels of phenolic compounds. Containing dietary fibers, Omega 6 and 9, vitamins and minerals, the acai is also highly nutritious.

Liotecnica's freeze drying process optimally captures acai's delicate nutrition in a stable, versatile format. Liotecnica acai:

- is internationally recognized for its superior quality and nutritional profile
- delivers superior ORAC, with maximum preservation of acai's critical bioctive components
- is 100% pure, with no carriers or chemical additives
- is organic and kosher certified

Liotecnica's acai delivers a dose of health in:

- Beverages (juice blends, smoothies, energy drinks, and others)
- Foods (yogurt, natural energy bars, chocolate, ice cream, desserts, jellies)
- Pharmaceutical nutritional supplements (capsules, tablets, whole food powder)
59430 Cleaning & hygiene in a sustainable way Other Professional cleaning & hygiene
Description : productos de limpieza para empresas de fabricantes con prestigio y certificaciones
59377 Fruit & vegetables Other Other fruit & vegetables
Description : NOP certified LENTILS AND PEAS

* French
* Green
* Laird

* Red
* Austrian Winter
* Yellow

* Green Peas
* Maple Peas
* Marrowfat
59376 Drinks Other Juice concentrates

* Acai
* Apple
* Apricot
* Asparagus
* Blueberry
* Grape, Red
* Grape, White

* Grapefruit
* Lemon
* Orange
* Peach
* Pear
* Pineapple
* Plum

* Quince
* Strawberry
* Sweet Potato
* Tangerine
* Tomato
* Butternut Squas

NOP certified
59375 Cereals & derived products Other Other cereals & derived products
Description : MEAL AND PELLETS

* Corn
* Feed Ingredients

* Flax Meal
* Rations

* Soymeal
* Sunflower Meal
NOP certified
59374 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Other oils for cooking & dressing
Description : NOP certified OILS

* Almond
* Canola
* Flax

* Olive
* Pumpkin
* Safflower

* Soybean
* Sunflower
* Walnut
59373 Cereals & derived products Other Oilseeds (rape, sunflower, soy, sesame, peas, bean
  Description : BEANS

* Soybeans
* Adzuki
* Black
* Black Eye
* Chickpeas

* Coffee
* Cranberry
* Great Northern
* Kidney
* Mung

* Red
* Pinto
* White

NOP certified
59372 Sugar & honey products Other Other sugar & honey products
Description : NOP Certified


* Cane Sugar
* Cane Juice
* Agave

* Cane Syrup
* Corn Syrup
* Stevia

* Honey
* Molasses
59371 Seeds Washington State Department Of Agriculture Bulk seeds
Description : NOP Certified GRAINS AND SEEDS

* Amaranth
* Barley
* Buckwheat
* Canola
* Corn
* Flax, Brown
* Flax, Golden

* Millet
* Oats
* Peanuts
* Pumpkin
* Quinoa
* Rye
* Safflower

* Sesame
* Sorghum
* Triticale
* Sunflower
* Wheat
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