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Cereals & derived products
Other cereals & derived products
Description : With pleasure we inform our actual offer: organic royal quinoa.

We have an annual stock of 800 tons average, what processed between 60 to 70 tons per month of quinoa organic grain (such as raw material), backed by organic certification, production standards as well as competitive pricing.

Currently, we have more than 360 tons of organic grain quinoa (as raw material) of total and free availability.

Samples, technical information, spec sheet and nutritional analysis are offered before sale. Please contact for purchase order(s) through this e-mail.

If you need more information, please email us at

Have a nice day,
Good bye.
Fruit & vegetables
Demeter Standards Ltd (dsl) Bio-dynamic Agricultural Association In Ireland (bdaal)
Other fruit & vegetables
Description : fresh produce
Fruit & vegetables
Other fruit & vegetables
Description : The SEKEM Initiative was started in 1977 on 125 acres of desert land 60km north-east of Cairo. Soon after SEKEM was established, the founder Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish was joined by other Egyptian and European individuals, whose combined effort helped develop the SEKEM initiative further, strongly indicating what could be achieved by a group of committed, enthusiastic, self-motivated people to further and promote the development of the goals and aims of SEKEM. Using biodynamic methods of agriculture, which were used for the first time under the guidance of the German agronomist G. Merckens, the land was used to produce a wide variety of crops and medicinal plants for local and export markets.It was not long before SEKEM began to diversify into cotton production, herbal medicines, textiles and food processing. A steadily increasing group of biodynamic farms in Egypt have served as the base for a modern development of Egyptian agriculture. More than 150 farms, totaling circa 2,000 hectares are now cultivated. The SEKEM Group of Companies integrates the economic, social and cultural spheres of life in all aspects of its work. Thus, employees are empowered to realise their full potential as responsible and capable members of society.
Fruit & vegetables
Exotic fruit and vegetables
Description : Grenades
Description : Organic raw Cane Sugar
Herbs, spices & condiments
Spices, peppers
Description :
Onion - Flakes
Onion - Minced
Onion - Powder
Henna Black
Henna Natural
Henna Red
Psyllium Husk
Psyllium Husk - Powder
Psyllium Seed
Psyllium Seed - Powder
Senna Leaves
Senna Pods
Ajwain - Whole
Arrowroot Powder
Bird’s Eye Chilli - Whole
Black Pepper - Cracked
Black Pepper - Ground
Black Pepper - Whole
Cinnamon - Whole (4” Cut)
Cinnamon - Powder
Cloves - Handpicked
Cloves - Powder
Coriander - Powder
Cumin - Powder
Fennel - Powder
Fenugreek - Yellow
Fenugreek - Yellow - Powder
Ginger - Dried Slices
Ginger - Powder
Green Pepper
Mace - Powder
Nutmeg - Shelled
Nutmeg - Powder
Red Chilli - Flakes - Hot
Red Chilli - Flakes - Mild
Red Chilli - Powder - Hot
Red Chilli - Powder - Mild
Red Chilli - Whole - Hot
Red Chilli - Whole - Mild
Turmeric - Fingers
Turmeric - Powder
Vanilla Beans
White Pepper - Ground
White Pepper - Whole
Fruit & vegetables
Fresh fruit
Description : Straight from the farmers, fresh & affordable organic produce in south Delhi. Prices as close as possible to the sabjiwallah rates
Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh
Cocoa, chocolate
Description : Chocolate
Cereals & derived products
Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh
Other cereals & derived products
Description : Product: Organic quinoa
Color: pearled white, red or black
Tariff Item: 1008901090


Product obtained from the plant CHENOPODIUM QUINOA.


Whole grain


Manual harvesting. Gravimetric selection and de-stoning, washing (eliminate saponins), drying classification and optical selection to obtain a 100% organic product, maintaining all its nutritional characteristics.

Organoleptic properties

Appearance: grain with minimal diameter size of 1.7mm. Medium hardness
Color: clear, mother of pearl white, black, reddish-brown
Aroma: characteristic of organic quinoa
Taste: characteristic of organic quinoa

Nutritional, Physical and chemical (%)

Humidity: max 12
Protein: ?10
Fat: min5.0
Ash: max 3.5
Fiber: min 3.0
Carbohydrates: min 60
Saponins: (mg/100gr) absent
Foreign material: 0.01


Total aerobic mesophiles (UFC/g) 104
Coli form bacteria: (NMP/g) ?10
E-Coli (NMP/g) ?10
Mould and yeast (UFC/g) 90 and <10
Detection of salmonella in 25gr: absent
Storage and shelf life
Closed ventilated space, with good storage practice and relative humidity and temperature, the product has a shelf life of 24 months.
Packaging of the final product

Paper multi ply bags of 25 and 50kg net weight.
Cleaning & hygiene in a sustainable way
Organic Food Development & Certification Center Of China
Professional cleaning & hygiene
Description : DNAMAXX Enzymes are purely organic and biodegradable that makes it 100% environmentally and ecologically friendly. It is 100% safe to humans, animals, plants, marine life and the soil. Guaranteed safer, cheaper and more effective substitute to Chemical Deodorizers, Sanitizers, Fertilizers and Resigens utilized in garbage management, agricultural farming and disease fogging operations.

Equally important, DNAMAXX Enzyme is a DISEASE BUSTER, effectively destroying the larval stage of insects, thus preventing the spread of insect and water borne diseases, containing outbreaks of the following thru intensified clean-up operations at the safest means possible - DENGUE, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Epidemic Typhus, Onchoceriasis (River Blindness), Filiariasis, Dracunculiasis and Sleeping Sickness. Regular use of DNAMAXX Enzyme accelerates the degradation of organic wastes and averts
the excessive build-up of nitrates and phosphorous that pollutes the environment. It can prevent these diseases by reducing water contamination.

BD-CSS believes that we bring the feasible solution to the country’s problems in Environmental Management, Agricultural Productivity, Health Consciousness, Solid Waste and Waste Water Management. These solutions should and must be synonymous with economic growth. On the other hand, referring to the DNAMAXX Enzyme Disease Buster, it is unfortunate that DENGUE outbreaks and waterborne diseases throughout the country has reached critical levels with a Seventy-Five Per cent (75%) Increase in recorded cases from the same time the previous year. And even if immediate and decisive action is to be undertaken in resolving the problem - to contain the outbreaks and intensify clean-up operations, the Department of Health (DOH) is to make a thorough assessment of the situation in employing the safest means possible.

BD-CSS is the Distributor of DNAMAXX Enzyme. Other products include the Dengue Buster, Enzol, Micronutri and the Manigo Organic Fertilizer. Orders are delivered within two to three days from time of issuance of a Purchase Order. DNAMAXX Enzyme is an award-winning product – a Grand Winner for the LIKHA AWARD Category of the 2006 UNLAD PILIPINAS AWARDS. Should your good office find interest in this breakthrough product, BD-CSS is willing to demonstrate to you and your technical working group the efficacy and usefulness of our product at your convenience.
Dietetic & health foods
Health Protection Inspectorate
Capsules, ampoules
Description : Royal jelly is a milky-white secretions mixture of flower nectars, proteins, and vitamins made from worker bees.
Royal Jelly capsules is known for improving various physical disorders such as: recovering from loss of appetite (anorexia nervosa); improving blood circulation; reducing symptoms of arthritis and asthma; lowering of cholesterol and triglyceride levels; correction of urinary incontinence; and improvement of certain types of impotency. Based on studies, by adding royal jelly to the diets of tested animals, they grew larger, lived longer, and showed greater fertility, and became more sexually active. According to Scientists at the New York Medical College in Valhalla, N.Y., royal jelly contain a complex compound that stimulates sex glands of both men and women, just as a natural hormone would. Discoveries have also been made by French biochemists revealing that royal jelly had enhanced the treatment of sterility and sex organ insufficiencies, particularly frigidity and impotency
Sugar & honey products
Organic Crop Improvement Association (ocia)
Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : Honey is a great way to pamper your skin. It naturally attracts and retains moisture, leaving your skin soothed and hydrated.
Our honey is produced in Borneo,the largest island in Malaysia,the second largest rainforest in the world.We own a group of non-vagabond bee which produce the superlative quality honey.
Moisture(%) ?18
Sucrose ( %) ?5
Fructose+Glucose (%) >65
MF?ppm? ?40
ACIDITY(1N NaOH ml / g) 40 -50
Sugar & honey products
Other sugar & honey products
Description : Fresh royal jelly is the concentrated super food responsible for turning an ordinary
worker bee into a queen bee. The queen bee is 50% larger than a worker bee and
lives for up to 4 to 5 years with worker bees living through only one season.
Fresh royal jelly, along with bee pollen, propolis and honey, contains a natural
source of nutrients, which the body needs to maintain good health. Athletes and
other people report increased stamina and general well being, after two weeks supplementing their diets.
Ivory, pure flavour and dense scent
MOISTURE ( % ) 62.5 – 67.5
10 - HDA 1.8 – 2.0
PROTEIN ( % ) 14.0 -16.0
Cocoa, chocolate
Description : organic cocoa
Cereals & derived products
Australian Certified Organic
Other cereals & derived products
Description : commodities between Europe, Asia, Australia and North and South America we offer market knowledge and services focused on meeting and exceeding expectations with respect to: reliability, quality and pricing.

Our Mission.

To provide import and export marketing and logistics services to our customers – moving organic commodities from farm to factory…and ingredients from suppliers to end-users
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