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61826 Cereals & derived products Other Flour
Description : Maca gelatinizada en polvo.
61825 Cereals & derived products Other Cereals (wheat, corn, barley, spelt wheat)
Description : Cebada tostada o cruda.
61824 Commodities Other Coffee & substitutes
Description : Café arábico tostado y molido en bolsa.
61823 Commodities Other Cocoa, chocolate
Description : Cacao en nibs.
61810 Products for organic farming Other Fertilizers
  Description :
Liquid fertilizer
Agpro Organic
Mix 1 ml Agpro Organic fertilizer with 1 lt. of water. Spray at two week interval. Use at least 4 times in one crop. Deficiency of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash and other Micro nutrients are supply by this one product. Photos of deficiency on plant are shown as follow. Soil application is also possible mixing with locally available organic fertilizer in 1ml: 1kg basis.
61809 Products for organic farming Other Fertilizers
  Description : Organic Nepal is happy to inform Organic Lover of the world that we are world's first producers of Alternative to Chemical fertilizer and chemical Pests Control. We inform that we are able to cure plant problem by traditionally prepared Organic Technology. Being Agriculture country, in name of high yield more and more Chemical Fertilizer and Chemical Pesticides are used regularly. Excess use of Chemical Fertilizer and Chemical Pesticides causing many problems on Human health, land, air and water.
61807 Textile Control Union other Textile
Description : Organic cotton towels by Atlantis, are 100% Organic, and not just regular organic, but Super organic, as we call them.

These organic towels are available as Bath towel, hand towel, face towel, Spa towel, Beach towel, Bath sheet and towel fabric.

These towels are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, that has been grown, processed, dyed and finished throughout, using only plant and fruit extracts, and not a single "LOW IMPACT" chemical, as is the case with other organics.

Organic cotton towels of this kind are actually and truly entirely Organic, and no other textiles come close to being this organic.

The plant and fruits used to dye and process these towels are like pomegranate, onions, turmeric herb, madder herb, and natural minerals.
61806 Medicinal & aromatic plants Bioellas Sa Other medicinal & aromatic plants
Description : Other Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
61805 Medicinal & aromatic plants Bioellas Sa Medicinal plants
Description : Medicinal Plants
61804 Medicinal & aromatic plants Bioellas Sa Essences
Description : essences
61803 Medicinal & aromatic plants National Organisation For Certification And Inspection Of Agricultural Products -agrocert Aromatic plants
Description : Aromatic plants
61752 Drinks Global Organic Alliance, Inc. Alcoholic beverages (aperitifs, beer, cider, champagne)
Description : Bio Tequila
61703 Raw materials & supplements Ecocert Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : Sweet almond oil for skin care massage and for cosmetic pharma industries preparation
61708 Cosmetic products Ecocert other Cosmetic products
Description : We are the leading Moroccan manufacturer and exporter of finest Argan oil and natural cosmetics such as essential oils, massage oils, black soap beldi, anti aging creams , natural ingredients for beauty skincare. Edibles oils for food spices The range of our product line, good quality and competitive price have made us one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in MOROCCO.
Located in Agadir (south of Morocco), we produce a wide variety of natural bio organic products.Our product line includes beauty products among others (such as vegetable oil argan oil cosmetics BIO, black soap, natural Ghassoul, scrubs, creams and argan oil-based fig, soap argan of natural herbs and spices hamam bath products and shampoo and other natural products made only in Morocco
argan oil, black soap, natural soap, Rasul, kassa glove, floral waters (pink, lavender, jasmine) ... ??? moroccan spices ?? and ?? safron ?? essentials ?? oil cactus ?? oil preakly seed oil ect
Only for professionals, we supply major retailers in Europe, the SPA and steam room and cosmetic laboratories
our natural cosmetic products ??are high quality ?? certified ?? by ecocert ?? and bio tested . The products are of good quality, popular with customers and sell well. Our total production averages 500 thousand pieces per year, 80% for export and 20% for domestic market.
61710 Herbs, spices & condiments Organic Trust Ltd Other herbs, spices & condiments
Description : Ingredients:
Sea Salt, Dulce Spirulina, Sweet Kumbo & Sea Spaghetti

Shelf Life:
12 Months. Keep In A Cool / Dry Place.
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